Mexican Rice

This is something I used to cook way before Slimming World and now it seems every time I have it on the menu we end up with a takeaway! Tonight, I finally managed to cook it again and I forgot how good it is for a simple, 1 pan dish. It’s a great way of using up wrinkly veg too as you can chuck whatever you fancy in it. You can also make it vegeterian, which I have done many times before, by simply removing the chicken. Also, you can make it as spicy or mild as you like, as with pretty much all my recipes, this is child friendly!

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Carrot & Sweet Potato Cakes

I’ve decided this month I’m going to go as gluten free as I can to see if it helps my stomach at all. My niece has Coeliac disease and it’s supposed to run in the family, I’ve had stomach upsets for years but I always put it down to a bad diet, it’s been a lot better since being on Slimming World but I still get the odd flare up and it’s usually when I’ve had pizza or pasta. I do get bloated quite a lot too so even though I know I’m not coeliac, I think I’m definitely sensitive to gluten.

I made these potato cakes just to use up the sweet potatoes in my cupboard and I was pretty happy with the results!

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Syn Free Chilli Sauce

I use this sauce for a few different dishes but it also makes a great dipping sauce. It’s hard to find good, low syn sauces so why not make one?! It only takes a couple of minutes to throw together too. You can change the quantities of the ingredients to make more and of course to suit your taste! This should make about 2 portions.

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Jar Noodles

This was a slightly experimental lunch but it turned out to be a success! Which is always a bonus. Just before Christmas Slimming World changed the syn values on things like Naked Noodles and Mugshots (easy, just add water foods) so I wanted to find a syn free version that could also include some extra veggies.

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Cheesy Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms

These are probably one of my favourite starters ever and it took me ages to realise that of course I can make the Slimming World friendly!! I now love having them for lunch and they are perfect for an SP day too. They’re easy to make and don’t take long to cook but yet I still forget about them for months on end then all of a sudden they’ll just pop into my mind and I HAVE to have them! Syn free if you use half your Healthy Extra A.

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February – The Month of (Self)Love

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

Now, I’m going to sound quite cynical but, I don’t “do” Valentine’s day. I don’t believe that one day is going to make a difference to a relationship and I think love should be celebrated every day. Love isn’t just tied to relationships either…..


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Bacon, Leek & Potato Soup

I do love soup! The weather is still miserable and cold so soup is just the perfect lunch. This one is syn free and tastes absolutely amazing, perfect for those grey, rainy days.

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