Chocolate Scan Bran Cake

Scan Bran is a Swedish crisp bread, a little bit like Ryvita but harder. I’ve been sent a load to join in with the Scan Bran Challenge and see how it can help aid weightloss. My Slimming World group went mad for the stuff last year and we had the biggest losses as a group my consultant had ever seen. My favourite way of using it was as a cake so it was the first one I had to try. Scan Bran is no longer available in group but you can buy it from Amazon or Holland & Barrett. 5 slices can be used as your Healthy B choice.

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Syn Free Salsa

We love Mexican food in our house and one thing we always have to have is salsa. The shop bought stuff is nice but it’s nothing compared to a freshly made one and of course, this is syn free and full of speed food.

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Slow Cooker Herby Chicken

I love my slow cooker during the winter and I decided to have a look through my recipe books a few nights ago to find some new recipes to do in it. This is quite simple but really tasty and makes life so much easier on the days I have work as all I needed to do was cook some pasta and serve it up.

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Black Forest Baked Oats

Baked Oats are a favourite of mine, mainly because you can play with the flavours of them so easily but recently I’ve changed the brand of yoghurt I’ve been using and they’re working perfectly so thought I’d share my find with a new recipe post. All my previous recipes for them have used Muller Lights but they’re awkward as you don’t need a whole pot and getting the consistency right is key, they also don’t have the strongest flavour once cooked. For this recipe and the Bounty Baked Oats you may have seen on my Instagram, I use Danone Light and Free instead and a whole pot is the perfect amount of yoghurt!

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Curry Loaf

I’ve had the recipe for this since I started Slimming World over a year and a half ago yet never tried making it till now, oh how much I’m regretting that! It’s syn free as long as you get the right things (and don’t eat the whole thing in one go) and so simple to make.

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Sausage & Bean Bake

The dieting world has gone mad for Slimming World friendly pasty’s lately and they are bloody lovely so I can understand why!! The humble wrap has become a pastry replacement for slimmers across the country and while in town this morning, smelling the sausage rolls as I was walking past Greggs I wondered what other goodies I could try…. Of course! The infamous sausage and bean melt! 

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Cottage Pie

A classic winter warmer, you just can’t beat proper comfort food. I’m counting this as syn free as I use such a little amount of some ingredients that would usually be synned but served between 4, they wouldn’t make up half a syn! It does use half your Healthy Extra A choice though.

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