The day the carrot came to town…..

Yes, I do mean literally….

Here’s a little story about how my day went and my son’s new best friend. This morning while I was prepping dinner and getting everything in the slow cooker, little man decided to steal a carrot from the cupboard and took it off to the lounge with him. My desperate attempts to retrieve the carrot were met by the typical toddler response of “NO! Mine!” while hugging it. I tried to tempt him with a smaller one but no, he was happy with his carrot, one of the biggest from the bag. He’s not feeling too well as he’s full of cold so I didn’t want to argue with him over a carrot, it just wasn’t worth the tantrum.
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Feeding The Small Humans

Once upon a time, well, a couple of years ago, I would have said my then 8 year old was a fussy eater. She would only eat things in breadcrumbs or other plain and boring, beige food. She would eat spaghetti bolognese every so often but it would be pot luck if she ate either the pasta or the bolognese as she never seemed to like both parts at any one time. 

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Little Man’s #OOTD

I have 2 children, a girl aged 10 and a boy aged 1. I still have a small influence over what my daughter wears and she has a very similar taste in clothes to me anyway but with my mini man, I get to put him in whatever I like and he has no choice! Mwahaha (evil mum laugh). I love anything a little alternative, as I am myself so one of my favourite outfits at the moment is this-

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