The One! (Thanks Kylie Jenner)

I have a little bit of a lipstick obsession at the moment but I have been desperately searching for the perfect matte dark brown which doesn’t sound too difficult but believe me, it’s not been that easy. I have searched Superdrug and ordered online exclusives but they’ve not turned out to be what I wanted. 

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The Beauty and The Beast


Tomorrow is a rather big day for me and it’s a busy one! Little Miss and I are off to do some catwalk modelling for my friend’s bridal shop. This will be the 3rd time I’ve done it but the first time Little Miss has been with me. So we’re ready to go bright and early we have both had a shower and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to review a couple of items.

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Cheap & Cheerful Face Masks

I love beauty products and all things a little bit girly though I am probably one of the least girly people at the same time. Adding to that, I am also a Mum so my beauty budget is pretty much non-existent and I am now a bit of an advocate of “Cheap & Cheerful” products. Tonight I have decided to try a deep cleansing, peel off mask to try and combat the teenage spot outbreak I am currently suffering from. I think we’ve all tried these at some point in our (probably teenage) lives.

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My First Glossybox

I decided to treat myself this month and subscribe to Glossybox. They are currently offering the first box for half price and I’ve really started to get back into makeup lately after I got a couple of Revolution eyeshadow palettes for my birthday. Mr had to go and pick it up from the Post Office when it arrived as they had tried to deliver it while I was at work the day before. The delivery box itself is really pretty but upon opening it you find the even cuter pink box inside.

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