November Glossybox Reveal

It’s that time of the month again and this month it’s on time. I managed to avoid the sneak previews this month even when I went on my Glossy account to do the survey’s and the items were already showing on there! Needless to say, I quickly backed out of the page before the images loaded.

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October Glossybox Review

Well it didn’t take me long to try the contents of this box! It was a makeup based one though so it was never going to be too long. 

So this month’s box has been such a big seller it has actually sold out! Clearly a lot of people wanted to find out if they were a #GlossyMermaid or a #GlossyUnicorn. 

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October Glossybox Reveal

The (quite literally) long awaited arrival of my October box happened yesterday while I was at work so I held out till this morning so I could photograph everything properly. This month sees 2 special edition boxes and everybody has been patiently waiting to find out if they are a #GlossyUnicorn or a #GlossyMermaid. Opening the black box revealed what I already knew, I am Team Unicorn!

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My New Hair Saviour!

In previous Blog posts I’ve commented on the condition of my hair and how I have to be careful what I use because of it. I have the worst combination of greasy roots and dry ends but with a sensitive scalp which can lead to an itchy, flaky scalp (which is insane given I have naturally greasy roots, I just can’t win!). 

I’ve been using Herbal Essences volume shampoo and conditioner recently as I found a volume shampoo helps with the greasiness a bit more but I still heavily rely on dry shampoo by the day after I’ve washed my hair and I usually have to wear it up as it just looks too slick for my liking. Herbal Essences irritates my scalp though and it’s resulted in a couple of sores where I scratch (yes I have checked for nits before anyone comments lol) so the search continued for a shampoo and conditioner combo that could help my hair woes.

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September Glossybox Review

I’m still very much in love with getting a Glossybox each month, it’s nice to try things you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. We all have our own beauty routines and favourite products that we don’t stray from so getting this box is a chance to try something new and every so often, you discover a new favourite.

So this month we had the classic pink box back for a month and this is what is contained:

September Glossybox Reveal

The months seem to be disappearing far too quickly for my liking, how is it September already! And seriously, what happened to the summer!! It literally lasted about a week I’m sure. It’s definitely feeling like winter now and my food has been changing to suit the weather but now it’s time for my makeup and skin care routine to do the same. This month’s Glossybox is going to help a bit with that.

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