Curry Loaf

I’ve had the recipe for this since I started Slimming World over a year and a half ago yet never tried making it till now, oh how much I’m regretting that! It’s syn free as long as you get the right things (and don’t eat the whole thing in one go) and so simple to make.

Ingredients (makes 9 slices (well it did for me))

  • 1 pack of golden vegetable rice
  • 1 can of chickpea and lentil dhal
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tbsp of curry powder


In a large microwavable bowl cook the rice as instructed on the packet. Mix the rest of the ingredients into the bowl, making sure it is really well stirred. Tip the mix into a loaf tin, or in my case a deep tray, that has been sprayed with Frylight then pop the tin in the oven on 200Β° for 30 minutes.

The chickpea and lentil dhal I used was from Asda and is 1 syn for the whole can so unless you eat the whole loaf in one sitting (or even half), which could be doable but VERY filling, it is syn free.

Serve with salad or veg and enjoy!


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