Banana Bars

This isn’t my usual kind of recipe as it’s not a Slimming World one, it’s a baby led weaning one. Most of my recipes are child friendly and don’t contain any nasties but these literally contain 2 ingredients so are perfect for little fingers.


  • A ripe banana
  • Oats

Yes it’s really that simple.


In a large bowl mash your banana with a fork until it’s smooth. Slowly add oats to the banana. I can’t tell you how much as it really depends on the size of the banana so just keep adding oats until you can’t see clumps of banana anymore, it should look like this:

Spray a baking tray with Frylight and add the mixture to the tray bit by bit, moulding them into bar shapes like this:

Pop them in the oven at 180° for about 10 minutes then flip them over and give them another 5 minutes. Remove them from the oven and leave to cool. 

They can be frozen if you want to batch cook a load of treats but if not, they need to be eaten within a few days.



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